The Hendrix House of Greensborough
Application and Rental Terms, Conditions and Fees
Our Philosophy:
Residents of The Hendrix House and it's management are committed to Traditional Principles of Community and Peaceful Enjoyment in our Shared and Personal Living Space. We like to Be Sociable, Have Fun and Be Creative within the context of a Respect and a Genteel Concern for this Beautiful Old Property and all of it's Residents.
To this end, we carefully check the references of prospective Residents to assure that they, and the current residents will be happy with their stay at The Hendrix House.
II. Application Procedures:
Prospective Residents of The Hendrix House will be asked to provide Credit, Personal, Income and Employment References;
Upon Application for a Specific Unit, Prospective Residents will be asked to Pay a Non-Refundable Application Fee of $35 to cover the cost of obtaining Credit Reports and a Refundable Security Deposit equal to One Months' Rent.
III. General Terms of the Rental Agreement
Minimum Lease Terms for Unfurnished Units are One Year; Furnished Corporate Units may be leased for Three Months;
Income Qualification: Applicant's annual income must be adequate to pay the monthly rental of the desired unit with one week's income.
Other Terms of Financial and Social Responsibility are Delineated in the written Rental Agreement
Additional Information:
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Application and Rental Terms, Conditions and Fees
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